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Puppy Training

This program is set up using methods developed by the famous Perfection Kennels. This program is for pups, ages 6 months and older.

During this time, your pup is properly introduced to birds (pointing) and the gun, and the hunting environment. It is best that these introductions be done the correct way. The BYTK Method used for these introductions are to evaluate and brings out the natural abilities of your young prospect.

My goal with your pup during the 30 days is to bring out their natural ability to point and retrieve. As a result, you will know early if it's here or if it's not. The BYTK program is use as an evaluation process for young dogs.

At the end of the 30 day program, if your dog has the instincts, you will have a dog that you can take hunting. He will point & retrieve birds, and you can feel safe shooting over your dog. He will also handle and understand the "here" command. The puppy program is limited to a small number of dogs each month.

** Whoa is not taught at this point in training **

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