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Formal Training

I train all Pointing gun dog breeds, including versatile Pointing gun dogs. 

The program is set up using methods developed by the famous Perfection kennels. My program ranges from 1 to 4 months depending on the level of training desired and the dog's ability, experience and trainability. All dogs are different and learn at varying rates, so a set time frame does not fit the needs of every dog. Pointing bird dog training is very rewarding. As a trainer, one can watch a bird dog mature from an awkward puppy into a finely trained, polished, confident and reliable upland gun dog.

I do advocate the use of e-collars or as some may refer to it as "shock collar". It is a useful tool and has its place in one's training equipment bag. However, its abuse and misuse around game can cause irreversible damage to a good upland hunting dog prospect. I use the e-collar to reinforce that which has already been learned. Training gun dogs with the BYTK method requires extensive yard work, basic obedience commands, repetition, repetition, repetition and exposure to a lot of birds. There are no shortcuts; yard work and bird work are essential parts of the BYTK program.

Formal training consist of your dog learning to come when called, tuning on command, walking at heel, whoa, honor on sight, steady wing to shot and fall, and bring out all natural retrieving ability.

After Completing the program, your dog will be a pleasure to own and a great hunting companion with which you can share years of enjoyment afield.


(is not included in formal gun dog training)

Force retrieving or conditioned retrieve; the program I use, utilizes gentle methods and does not involve harsh treatment of your bird hunting companion. It will produce a dog that is happy to retrieve and does so willingly as a result of training methods based on rewards and positive enforcement.

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